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Changjietong T1 to create small business enterprises competitive soft power

    Hangzhou, one of the first cities selected as a national historical and cultural city, is known as the paradise on earth。Located in the paradise on earth, Zhejiang Jihui Trading Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Jihui Trading) is a wholesale enterprise mainly engaged in textile needles, cosmetics, daily necessities, market-oriented, committed to the promotion of socks and other clothing products, and strive to promote the development of Zhejiang clothing industry。Jihui business accurately grasped the pursuit of beauty after the improvement of living standards, established a small business agent of Japanese brand Meishu flower dance socks, through unremitting efforts, achieved good feedback, the company's business scope also began to gradually expand, with the formation of the economic circle around Hangzhou, sales performance is rising。

  However, due to the wide variety of products, different colors, sizes and styles, the company's statistical work has brought a huge workload, for example, each company inventory needs about a week, wasting a lot of manpower and time costs, which seriously restricts the company's development。In the subordinate stores, because the allocation of goods is not timely, the situation of missing business opportunities also occurs。In terms of management and statistics, manual operations have serious problems such as heavy workload and high error rate, which bring great losses to the company。

  After the decision to introduce information management was unanimously approved by the management, the company chose Yonyou Changjietong Software Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Yonyou Changjietong) T1-CommerceBao purchase-sales-inventory management software。Through the Changjietong T1-Commerce Treasure inventory operation, the store can make a clear profit and loss in two days, the inventory time dropped from the original week to the present two days, and the manpower is also saved a lot。At the same time, in the store sales statistics and commodity allocation is also convenient for a lot, in this regard, Jihui trading manager He Shengping said: the use of Changjietong T1-trading treasure, so that our company to reduce the input of manpower, greatly convenient our management, help our work efficiency to improve a step。

  Jihui Trade is the epitome of China's growing enterprises, which occupy an important position in our national economy。Their scale is small, the number is large, the development is rapid, the prospect is very broad。In particular, food, clothing, IT communications, medicine, building materials and other industries, driven by the strong Expo this year, sales performance all the way red。

  However, with a strong sales momentum,There are also numerous hidden dangers: increased demand,Increase the management cost and manpower cost of enterprises;Single need,Lead to hot goods in short supply, unsalable goods excessive backlog,Occupying enterprise funds;Incoming shipments vary greatly,Manual data recording workload is large,High error rate,Account discrepancy。These problems have weighed heavily on corporate earnings。At the same time, the lack of talent, weak capital base and other inherent disadvantages have become a natural barrier to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, even in the face of hot summer market sales, many businesses are still mixed。The use of professional, industrial and scientific management methods to standardize enterprise management with information technology, and improve the speed of enterprise's influence on the market from the perspective of improving efficiency is undoubtedly a good way to help enterprises break through the bottleneck。

  To this end, Yongyou Changjietong launched the T1-Commerce treasure purchase, sales and inventory management software of the summer strong promotional activities - a cool summer popular home, in order to fully meet the small business circulation field of inventory, sales, gross profit management of the basic needs。The event has been open since August 7,Nearly 300 events have been held across the country,IT covers the country's most important 50 professional markets and 10 IT stores,Among them, Yiwu China Commodity City, Hangzhou Sijiqing Clothing Market, Haining China Leather City, Chengdu Lotus Lake Market, Shanghai Baoshan Steel market, Chongqing Chaotianmen Market, Beijing Jinxiu Land Agricultural and sideline products wholesale Market, Guangzhou White Horse clothing City, Beijing Hailong Electronics City, Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics World, Shenzhen SeG Electronics Market, etc。Well-known IT stores in dozens of cities across the country, such as Heilongjiang Shipbuilding World, Beijing Dinghao Electronics City, Guangzhou Yigao Computer City, held large-scale product shows。

  The series of products displayed in the event, such as Ti-Commerce-Bao wholesale and retail edition, T1-Commerce-Bao U disk edition, T1-Commerce-Bao Medical edition, etc,It involves all aspects of daily operation and management of small enterprises,It can solve the problems in human, financial and material management of enterprises,Industry segmentation also makes this software more targeted and practical。

  As the largest user of management software for small and medium-sized enterprises in China, Yonyou Changjietong advocates happiness and win-win, and takes the initiative to promote to the professional market, not only sending professional management software for small enterprises, but also sending a new management model and concept。This unique way of promotion has been praised by many parties, and the managers of professional markets around the world believe that because most enterprises are still in the stage of manual management, managers spend a lot of time in collecting and sorting data, reconciling accounts, accounting costs and other work, and have no time to take into account the development planning of enterprises。They need more professional software manufacturers to share the successful experience of information management, diagnose and treat the current situation of their enterprises, provide strong continuous service support, and ensure the long-term stable development of enterprises。

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