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·CCTV global financial connection reported UF cloud strategy video
·Wang Wenjing, chairman of Yonyou Software, was awarded the annual Chinese Economic Leader
·Uf participates in IBM's "Cloud Engine" partner program
·New product launch - accounts cleared
·Changjietong T1 to create small business enterprises competitive soft power
·Yonyou Changjietong support small and medium-sized enterprises healthy growth plan
·Uf T1 ·Uf T3
·Uf T6 ·Uf ERP-U8
·Uf U9 ·Uf NC
·Uf eHR helps Hsu Fu Chi: The talent source is wide and the talent is prosperous
·Uf CRM successfully joined hands with Shaanxi Kefei Electric Co., LTD
·Finance E Age - 8 hours after freedom
·Wisdom and agility, good state for a hundred years
·T1- Business treasure to Lanzhou car Baodian management treasure
·T3 escorts the Heavenly Food
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·Smooth and easy T+11.32 Patch Package2012/12/26
·Smooth and easy T+11.32 Installation package (in V11.31 Gold plate base installation use)2012/11/26
·T3 Business Pass Professional Edition 11.31 Patch Package2012/8/28
·Uf T6- Personnel Management Standard Edition V10.3 Patch Package2012/8/28
·T3- FCOM Universal version V10.8Plus1 Patch package2012/8/28
·T3- Yonitsu Standard Edition V10.8Plus1 Patch package2012/8/28
·T6- Enterprise Management software V6.1 Patch Package2012/7/8
·Uf T3- Finance and Taxation pass patch pack2012/2/24
·T3- FCOM Universal version V10.8 Patch Package2012/2/17
·T3- Yonitsu Standard Edition V10.8 Patch Package2012/2/17
·T3 Business Pass Professional Edition 11.3 Patch Package2012/2/17
·Enterprise Management Link Professional Edition 11.2 Patch Package2012/2/17
·G6 Hospital Special Edition 10.6 Patch Package2012/2/17
·G6- Financial Management System Professional Edition 10.6 Patch Package2011/9/15
·G6- Financial Management System Standard Edition 10.6 Patch Package2011/9/15

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